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Expression is basically the process of creating something that's missing,
attempting to get an idea across to someone else.

It's at the very least, kind of like, being able to
pass something along.

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personal statement

I incorporated the golden ratio while focusing on a chronological way to tell my story.

This really allowed me to see the people that helped me along my journey as a designer.

Shout out to Jon Yabonski where I took some of the structural concepts from. He did an amazing job with “Laws of UX”. I want to be a creator who knows how to collaborate and understand that human experience is a gift of life.

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Denny Kim is an innovative, outside-the-box thinker and creative. As an undergrad in my American Studies seminars, he made provocative comments in discussion and in essays, always prompting us to explore directions none of us had considered. Since then, I’ve followed his progress in web design and video production, and I’m convinced he has what it takes to bring true innovation to the clear but witty presentation of complex ideas, concepts, and cultural patterns.

Jeffery L. Meikle
Professor of American Studies
& Art History



Denny stood out immediately in my Intro to UX course. His technical design skills were already well defined. So, he was able to focus on the greater UX process to allow him to better understand the actual intent of the people using the product. I am excited to follow his career as he starts to work with product teams. I am confident Denny will be a valuable asset, and I would love the chance to work with him again.

Matt Eng
Team Lead for IBM Cloud
Platform UX Research


Education & Passion

You continually repay with your work and expressing your views in a way I and others can share. I have more hope that you will overcome it, or that you already have, because you respect these ideas to the point of presuming you have much work to do. The student in greatest jeopardy is he who writes and says "today I have overcome the prejudice"

Dan Klyn
Senior Information Architect &
co-founder of The Understanding Group



Denny's propensity to never take a problem at face value, but rather dig deeper and discover the root of the problem and find a wider solution, is just one of the qualities that makes him a great designer. He continually excels under tight timelines on both complex and open-ended design projects, and is always eager to learn how to better approach them.

Peter Quinn
Design Director
at SimplePart

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